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DMG Veterinary Services Public Notice of COVID-19 Safeguard Plan

In the light of the Governor's most recent Executive Order, and our commitment to fighting the spread of COVID-19,DMGVS has implemented the folloiwing procedures in an effort to maintain a safe environment for our employees and clients, as required by Executive Order and IOSHA:

I.  Employee and Clent Health Screening:  

At the beginning of each shift all employees are asked to confirm that they are NOT experiencing any symptoms related to COVID-19 (not limited to:  fever, dry cough, trouble breathing, change in taste of food), and HAVE NOT been in contact with an individual(s) known to have tested positive to COVID-19.  The same questions will be asked of the clients before we travel to their homes.  

II.  Enhanced Cleaning and Disinfecting Protocols

All personal devices and equipment will be cleaned regularly between house calls, and will be continued to be wiped down throughout the day.  We will use PPE responsibly, and clean all re-usable PPE regularly

We will also endeavor to wipe down and disinfect any door knobs, furniture, or other household surfaces that we may have utilized during our appointment.  

III.  Enhanced Personal Hyiene

Clients and employees are encouraged to wash/sanitize their hands with the provided wipes/hand sanitizer.  Face masks are also highly recommended as maintaining a safe social distance while your pet is being taken care of may prove to be difficult.  Please tell a staff member if you feel uncomfortable with this request.  Coughs and sneezes will be covered (into sleeve/elbow, shoulder), and hand shaking is discouraged.  

IV.  Social Distancing Requirements

We have only 2 staff members, and encourage safe social distancing with in the home, by maintaining a six-foot distance from pet owners as often as possible.  The staff members are REQUIRED to wear masks, as social distancing while examining our patients is not always possible.  

Telemedicine appointments are available to established clients and their pets when medically appropriate.  Please view the Medici MD link.  

We will offer outdoor and garage appointments, when appropriate (dependent on weather and patient needs).

V.  Questions or Concerns

Please call/text 317-606-6160, or email at info@heydrdana.com with any questions or to schedule an appointment, or visit this site for updates in our policy.  

These policies are subject to change per the need of DMGVS and in order to comply with all aorders, opinions, and regulations from federal, state or local government or administrative agencies, including Executive Orders and IOSHA requirements.