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HeyDrDana concierge service will be modeled after a human MD concierge service.   HeyDrDana concierge clients will have a dedicated number for their use, and will have access for text or phone questions outside of usual business hours:  extended hours weeknights (until 8:30 pm) and weekends (10am -12pm and 6pm - 8pm).

Concierge clients will always have access to same day appointments during scheduled ‘appointment days’.  There will be 1 appointment held open at the end of each work day for concierge clients on a ‘first come, first served’ basis. 

If you are interested in submitting an application for this service, please send a short email to info@heydrdana.com.   Once this is received, and you are approved, you will be sent a letter of acceptance which will need to be signed and sent back. 

***Please note this is not an ‘on call service’, nor is it meant to provide emergency care. 

 Fee Schedule

# Pets
Monthly Fee
Yearly (paid in full)
1 Pet
2 Pet(s)
Each additional pet