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Dear Clients (Friends and Family),

I hope this letter finds you all well.   It is with sadness I am announcing that I am transitioning from HeyDrDana mobile services exclusively, to seeing appointments at Clayton Family Veterinary Care of Carmel.  Concierge Services will be continued for those who enrolled in the program earlier in the year. 

I realize that this will likely come as a surprise.  Please know that I will endeavor to provide to you a seamless transition into Clayton Family Veterinary Care, if you so desire, and I am working with Pendleton Veterinary Clinic for those clients who reside in Madison County.

Skylar will be able to assist you in record transfers, and to help you in any way that she is able, until October 15th, 2021.  I will be seeing all appointments that have been scheduled for this month, and Skylar will be working hard to book any vaccine appointments still outstanding for the month of September.  For any other appointments that need to be booked, please contact either Clayton Family Veterinary Care at 317-218-3142 www.claytonfamilyvetcare.com  or Pendleton Veterinary Clinic at 765-778-2090 www.pendletonvet.com and let them know you are a client of mine. 

I will be reachable at CFVC (Clayton Family Vet Care),  but will continue to monitor emails on a weekly basis after this date until the end of the calendar year.  Please let Skylar know prior to October 15th, where you would like us to forward your pets records to if you have a specific need.  You will continue to have access to your portals.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the last few years of your support.   This has not been an easy decision for me to make.  I look forward to seeing each and everyone of you again. 

Sincerely yours,

Dr. Dana Graham